An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Nelson Cárcamo

Prior to joining the team, I spent over 24 years in Corporate America as well as small business environment and acquired a proven track record of successful business operations, supporting and leading programs for International market segments, leveraging strong multicultural and analytical awareness and global business operation's expertise. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business from Spring Garden College. Most recently in 2010, I earned two Masters Degrees from University of Phoenix: MBA/Global Management & MBA/International Business.

I am happily married to my wife for over 20 years and have two beautiful princesses. I have read and known Dr. John C. Maxwell since the 90’s. I joined the John Maxwell Team; I knew this was my opportunity to influence what I have learned from John and my earned experience to share with others. Personal development builds from honest self-appraisal about emotional strengths and vulnerabilities; your values and attitudes, personality traits and unresolved conflicts. You're a total person, not just a set of skills performing a role.

Because I have an intense desire for self-development, a passion to develop others or provide the necessary means to help them achieve their priorities and dreams in life I decided I had to become part of the John Maxwell Team. In addition, I founded NC-Consulting Enterprises to guide others to reach their full leadership and influence potential. Keep in mind that we are all a work in progress. That means that there will always be room for improvement because it’s a process of continual improvement. The important thing is to do the best we can so that we keep our life moving in the right direction. My objective is to become the catalyst that will enhance and activate your true God’s given talents! To help you reach your personal and business goals through an organic holistically personal approach by setting and pursuing worthwhile goals that you truly believe in.