An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About Martha Rader, Ph.D.

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

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 My Mission:  

“To build trust, to passionately develop leaders and teams to inspire a positive, purposeful, productive, diverse culture to achieve growth and goals in the modern business environment”


 Leadership Development: Why Care?


Could you use help to Inspire a More Positive Productive Culture? 

Could you use help to Increase Morale and Performance?


Research reflects that a positive environment and culture is more effective with inspiring satisfaction, productivity and financial bottom line indicators, including reduced turnover.   


As a Leader, are you asking these types of questions based on performance and heightened competition? 

  1. What has your attention that needs change?
  2. What will happen if you don’t take action in the next two years? 


  • Are my managers/leaders providing leadership that provides solid direction and inspires growth in others and our company?
  • Do I need or have a diverse talented workforce?
  • Is communication effective and efficient in teams and across departments to promote optimal productivity? 
  • Who am I and how do you want to be known?
  • Am I a M.V.P. Champion of my company Mission, Values, Priorities ™?
  • Does the compelling mission inspire the desired behavior?
  • Are our values and philosophy aligned with your strategy to beat the competition?
  • How is your employee and client retention?
  • Are you enabling a misaligned culture that can derail your strategy?
  • Are unconscious biases or jumping to conclusions harming productivity and performance?
  • Do I understand that generation X and Y have expressed a strong desire for authenticity, purpose, meaningful work, development and to make a difference? How can I take advantage of a multi-generational workforce? 
  • Do we hold people accountable for expectations?
  • What can I do to effect positive change to propel growth and performance?
  • Do you have a plan in place that recognizes and reinforces positive productive authentic leadership? 

If you could use help in these areas, please book me for your next meeting, annual conference or workshop!


Workshops, Development, Training and Speaking Topics:

Leadership Development to Increase Influence and Productivity

Leadership Development and Coaching to Increase Influence and Productivity

Developing or Revitalizing M.V.P. Champions (Mission, Values, & Priorities) (™) to align positive productive aligned behaviors and outcomes

Improve Communication to Improve Communication and Productivity

Learn about Hidden Blind Spots and Unconscious Bias that could be getting in the way of your bottom line?

Build Effective Teams

Assess & Diagnose: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, DISC Behavioral, Culture, Diversity Assessments

Diagnosis and Interventions

 Customize to suit your needs: One workshop to create positive change or a series of workshops for a deeper understanding and revitalization, for leadership effectiveness, to increase productivity, building effective teams and change management.

  1. Learn how different styles of managers/leaders and communication can be more effective in resolving conflicts, inspiring satisfaction and working more productively together. 
  2. Learn how to tap into greater motivations to improve relationships and accelerate results. 
  3. Diagnose and provide interventions.
  4. Conduct Assessments: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, DISC Behavior Analysis, Culture, Diversity Assessments
  5. Become a Cultural M.V.P. (Mission, Values, & Priorities) Champion (™)? 
  6. Align your M.V.P. with the desired behavior and to achieve desirable goals that can propel growth and performance in teams and organizations.
  7. Are you holding others accountable for desired expectations?
  8. Conduct and teach how to create sales meetings or workshops to generate ideas to inspire a more positive culture.
  9. Gain tools to inspire a more positive productive culture.


Where are you in the process of taking action to A.C.T. (apply, change, teach; Maxwell Group, 2015) towards positive change? 


Call me to discuss your next steps! 



About Martha Rader

From Repo Man to Executive to Professor

Martha Rader is a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  She is a professor and published journal author in the Journal of International Business and Economics; Authentic Leadership & Younger Worker Turnover Intentions.  

Martha’s unique traits of integrity, authenticity and high relational skills assist her in gaining trust with the ability to relate to and develop a diverse base and level of employees, leaders and high net worth clients. 

She is the president and owner of Rader Coaching, Training & Consulting, LLC and a John Maxwell certified coach and trainer. She specializes in individual and leadership coaching and training, change management and executive workshops on building positive productive culture.  She has invested in the development of executives, leaders, managers and individuals by developing, coaching, teaching and training Leadership, Management, Leadership Development, Organizational Behavior, Business and Corporate Strategy, Change Management and Industrial Psychology Human Resource and Consulting courses in the Graduate Programs at Northwood University and/or Keiser University since 2012.   

She has a 33-year career in the Automotive Financial Services (GMAC Financial Services) and Banking (SunTrust Bank) industries serving in executive, leadership and managerial positions. In her early career she was tasked with the job of collecting outdoors that at times resulted in having to unfortunately, repossess someone’s vehicle that had no other means to pay. Areas of responsibility included leading productive and growth-oriented sales and marketing teams, to consultatively service General Motors Divisions and Dealer Councils, to finance automotive dealerships indirect consumer lending, extended service agreements, real estate facilities, acquisitions as well as risk management for portfolios of over $9B that represented substantial growth. 

Her career accolades and success include building and motivating strong cross-functional collaborative teams resulting in significant portfolio growth and win-win relationships with automotive dealer clients and stakeholders across the country.  She was one of the original GMAC developers and trainers of the General Motors “In Dealership Lease Training Program” in the early 1990’s that assisted in propelling GM automotive leasing for sales and customer affordability.  As an executive in leading teams in the largest U.S. territory, she and her teams achieved the highest JD Power Customer Satisfaction scores in the United States.   

She was also nominated for the Automotive News’ 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry 2010 and a recipient of the Northwood University Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award. She has been an active supporter of her community serving as a Board Member for non-profit organizations as well as many other volunteer opportunities and has served on GM Dealer Councils and Advisory Boards, GM Women’s Retail Initiative, the Automotive Women’s Alliance and a support of Women in Automotive.





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