An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Darryl Sanford II

Darryl is an experienced business leader, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer and coach. He has been a follower of Dr. John C. Maxwell and his teachings for over 20 years believing in the leadership examples that John has developed and taught. He became a member of the John Maxwell Team in 2017.

His experience in public speaking started in the late ‘80s working with youth and young adults as a mentor, coach and leader in the Wesleyan Church. In the years since he has focused on coaching and personal development for anyone who wanted to personally grow regardless of their age, profession or history. Whether he is speaking in person, to a small or large group or utilizing technology to speak to people around the world, his commitment and goal is to share new perspectives and to coach for growth.   He is considered to be a top-level speaker in his current business and is often requested to train new and existing businesses owners in continuing growth and personal development. His ability to have fun with an audience, engaging them and giving perspective has been some of the greatest compliments he has received as a speaker and trainer.

Regardless of the venue or number of participants, Darryl is committed to bringing perspective in a simple, fun and informative way allowing each participant to identify where they are now and use the information to help build a foundation, guiding them toward their goals and purpose.

“Giving perspective in an easy to understand, positive way is the very essence of communication and growth. Everyone deserves perspective” ~ Darryl Sanford II