An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Theresa Ito

Theresa uses her experiences to inspire change within leaders and colleagues.  An enthusiastic and energetic trainer, speaker and consultant with a passion for evoking change and helping businesses succeed.


§  35 years of hospitality experience in four countries

§  Practical, hands-on, realistic training

§  Theresa has successfully run businesses and hotels in England, Jamaica, and Canada

The Method to our Success

Every company that uses Blue Mountain Solutions has the luxury of:

ü  a pre-course observation of the levels of service provided

ü  a pre-course meeting with the property leaders

ü  a tailor-made course highlighting the specific needs of the business

ü  a dynamic interactive course which demands full participation

ü  a post course review to assess the effectiveness of the training

Culturally Diverse

Theresa was born and raised in Jamaica.  She has also lived in England and USA and now resides in Canada.

Her international experience spans: Jamaica, England, Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A. including Hawaii

What our clients say:

§  “Totally inspiring.”

§  “I have learnt more in one day than I did in three years at university.”

§  “I will go back to work with a completely different perspective on the way I work.”

§  “A very interesting lady who has real experience of the business.”