An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About ShaNita Nolan

I am an international speaker, trainer, coach, and mentor who is passionate about adding value to all people. I am a student of leadership, communications practitioner, and teacher of servant leadership practices.  I have 20+ years Human Resource Management and Development and business experience.  Prior to joining the John C. Maxwell Team, I spent the past 23 years working with executives, young professionals, families, youth, and individuals helping them to raise their awareness, maximize their results and influence; and helping them to experience personal and professional growth by challenging their thinking.  I have worked with small and mid-size businesses, helping them meet their business objectives and to build strong and effective teams.

Along my journey in life, I have battled depression and have encountered setbacks, failures, and challenges – including the loss of five children. During my talks, I share meaningful stories about my challenges as a single parent, step-parent, a wife in a blended family, workplace and leadership challenges, my battle with depression and domestic abuse; as well as my struggles with fear and doubt. I integrate these lessons and techniques into each presentation to challenge my audience to embrace their fears, learn from their failures; and to live lives of significance.

Driven by a strong desire for continuous personal growth and development, and my passion to inspire and add value to others by helping them achieve their goals; I took a leap of faith and joined the John C. Maxwell team.  I experienced significant personal and professional growth, clarity, and a greater sense of purpose; as a result of my personal use and application of the John C. Maxwell leadership and communication tools and methodology.

In addition to the John C. Maxwell certification, I hold a B.S. degree in Business Administration and an M.S. degree in Human Resources Management & Development.