An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About Pam Rankin

Every day I apply the lessons I've learned in training and competing in Ironman Races and Marathons to push myself, my clients and my team beyond their comfort zone and into their true potential.

As a former High School Teacher turned Designated Broker and Owner of a large Real Estate Company, the Educator and Encourager in me will never go away! That is part of what led me to become a Certified John Maxwell Mentor and Coach where the culture is all about teaching people to “Be good at what we do and great who we are.”

After 23+ years in the Real Estate industry, serving both my clients and my agents in all areas of personal, business and financial growth, I shifted my focus to helping people "Win the Money Game." Transitioning out of the transactional and coaching sides of Real Estate to focus on helping people protect their assets and to set themselves up with a Vision of Retirement they are not afraid of, but look forward to, has been a gift that I look forward to collaborating with you about!

We are building a nationwide distribution system for Living Benefits through a proven business platform using marketing and financial strategies. We specialize in helping families create and manage wealth in today's economy by mentoring and providing a blueprint to success.

We provide the best platform to build your enterprise dreams, whether you are looking for a great referral partner or to build a new business. We focus on helping people and building people! I am always looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic professionals who strive to be the best and want more.

My Mission: To empower people and put them in total control of their lives by sharing the knowledge and tools necessary to properly plan for their future, to make sound financial decisions that bring confidence and peace of mind in knowing they have prepared for life’s road ahead.

My Vision: To be spending my life educating and inspiring the people I work with to realize their value, be a leader in their life, live a healthy lifestyle, achieve complete financial freedom and live the life of their dreams.

If you feel stuck, have fear about if or when you will be able to take your foot off the gas pedal, or that you're not reaching your true potential, let's have a conversation.