An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About Dr. Nget Sokla, Leadership Fellow

Dr. NGET SOKLA, Executive Leadership Fellow, has successfully completed the Maxwell Leadership Certification Program, and is being recognized as Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member, and is licensed to provide facilitation, speaking, coaching and training on approved Maxwell Leadership personal & professional development content, as prescribed by this program.

 “We exist to lead powerful, positive change through value-based leadership.”

DR. NGET SOKLA, an alumnus of Paññasastra University of Cambodia, obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with honors in 2017. In 2022, he earned from same university the Distinguished Fellow in International Executive Leadership which has an academic equivalency of a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

DR. NGET SOKLA is the Shareholder and the incumbent Executive Director of Paññasastra University of Cambodia-Executive Leadership Institute (PUC-ELI) which operates three leadership pillar programs for corporate and NGO executives, the young professionals and the youth empowerment for education. Likewise, he is presently the Chief Protocol and Liaison Officer of H.E. Dr. Kol Pheng, the Founder and President of Paññasastra University of Cambodia, and in concurrent capacity as the Vice President for International Programs and Projects Development for PUC and Paññasastra International School-PSIS. He has successfully closed $100 million business deals on educational and realty development projects with billionaire American and Asian real estate developers in Cambodia.

DR.  NGET SOKLA is a well-sought resource speaker in servant, team and motivational leadership, in Business Networks, community empowerment and in equipping students for better academic achievements. As the President of the Academics Stand Against Poverty, he has led and facilitated pro-poor programs and projects with pro-active involvement of PUC and PASS, which have gained national and international recognitions.

Dr. NGET SOKLA is a proactive and influencer Director Consultant and Ambassador of Business Network International-BNI in Phnom Penh 2 Cambodia, and has developed various leadership and motivational learning modules geared towards business organizations’ human resource productivity and corporate profitability.

DR. NGET SOKLA is first photo-voice international edition book in Cambodia, entitled “I Set My Mind To Win,” that articulates his cognitive, affective and conative mindsets on many leadership thematic issues and trends which have punctuated his personal and professional  life engagements.

DR. NGET SOKLA is a recipient of various national, regional and international awards and citations that bring glory and honor to his servant and transformational leadership. He is a well-travelled leader to many parts of the globe sharing his Khmer brand of leadership.

As past President of Paññasastra Student Senate (PASS), he led various intra-university and community outreach projects run by students at all levels, making Paññasastra University of Cambodia as the country’s leading academic institution engaged in community development and social responsibility. He both established under PASS the Senior Effort for Next Generation and the PUC Reading Clubs, which greatly benefited students in enhancing their self-leadership and academic excellence skills.

"People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care"

Dr. John C. Maxwell