An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Laurie Kroeger

I moved home to Colorado in June 2018.  I've met some great people, but my circle of friends was very small. I wanted more.  I sought out a life coach, who is an amazing person. I discovered that I was unhappy with my current career, I was upset about other peoples actions in my life and I was stressed about things I really had no control over. She taught me about boundaries, goals and helped me to see how I could handle the stresses in my life.  I learned things about myself I didn't know. I thought more about my values, the things that were really important to me and I made some changes. I left my corporate career and took some time to really think about what I wanted in life. I have found my passion is helping people and businesses to grow and to succeed by taking responsibility for their own happiness and success. I found the John Maxwell team and starting investigating. The more research I did the more I fell in love with his teachings. I found that I have been living his teaching for the last 15 years! It was a relief and a blessing to know I was on the right path. My journey into the John Maxwell team has been God led. I have so many stories of failures and triumphs to share, to motivate and to encourage anyone who doesn't believe in themselves or who is looking be better tomorrow than they are today. Leaders are born every day, I can help you find the leader in you.