An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About Kevin R. Smith - KRS Company

When we are not living our passion, it is easy to become discouraged and removed from our own desires.  My passion is to add value to others and in order to allow me this opportunity I have formed KRSCO.

I have been blessed with a wonderful and diverse professional career, one that has allowed me to grow through the care of many talented and caring leaders.  The experiences and knowledge I have gained, while working in a wide variety of leadership roles, representing multiple industries (business, manufacturing, education, coaching, plus more), have placed me at a point of my life where my passion is to “Pay It Forward”.

I am passionate about:

  • My family.

  • Living my values of Faith, Family, Character, Integrity, Paying It Forward, Serving Others, Transformation, and Living My Passion.

  • Developing Leadership Excellence, on behalf of individuals and organizations.

  • Serving the needs of others by adding value that benefits personal and professional growth.

  • Inspiring individual desires to move beyond their comfort zone in order to expand their leadership toolbox.

  • Developing “Excellence” while moving beyond mediocrity.

  • Individual Coaching in order to help others develop their personal and professional growth plan, while walking beside them on the path towards exceeding their dreams.

  • Organizational Development in order to help create a “Best of the Best” growth environment.

  • Public Speaking built upon not only my story, but yours.

  • Relationship Development because this is the foundation all success is built upon.

  • Writing and sharing my story, my why, in a manner that allows others to relate to.

  • Providing motivational opportunities for all.

  • Collaboration in order to truly meet the belief of “Everyone Counts. Everyone Matters”.  We are in this together – Let’s come together to share our knowledge and leadership toolbox.