An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About Keith Johnson

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

I have been a serious student of the leadership teachings of John Maxwell for 17 years, starting back when I led a nonprofit organization when I was 27 years old. Several years ago I read a life-changing comment in one of his books about the importance of self-confidence, and I realized that my confidence level had created a lid on my leadership potential. That day I set out to overcome my insecurities and lead with confidence—and today I am known as America’s #1 Confidence Coach.

I have spent the past 15 years successfully training more than 127,000 leaders how to maximize their leadership potential and effectiveness. Known as one of the premier speakers on the subjects of leadership and confidence building, leadership audiences enthusiastically acclaim my confidence-building insights worldwide including those in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, India, Spain, Canada, and throughout the United States. I have accepted numerous invitations to share my proven insights on several major American television and radio stations, helping others become more confident and more successful.

I am the author of three well-received books, The Confidence Makeover, Leading in Crisis Times and Leaders of Destiny that discuss many of the key principles, which are the core of my results-producing presentations. My newest book, The Confidence Solution—Reinvent Your Life, Explode Your Business, Skyrocket Your Income, is being released by one of the most prestigious publishers in the world—Penguin Books.

I am founder and CEO of Keith Johnson International and I am on the road approximately 225 days a year presenting many of John Maxwell’s proven-successful principles at organizations, entrepreneur groups, churches, leadership conferences, and events. I live in Spring Hill, Florida, with my wife and daughter.

Contact Me. I am looking forward to assisting you on your journey to increased personal growth and greater leadership success.