An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz

Service is my life's calling. I want to serve you!

My company, Vanguard Veteran, helps clients understand, reach and support Veterans, military, and their families. I can help you create and expand win-win solutions to empower their lives. Are you a "part of the win?"

I am passionate about narrowing the military/civilian divide and do this well because I have experienced the military and civilian points of view. I spent 15 years engaging civilians with troops and have had successful experiences - as a change leader - in the military and in business.

I can help you answer these - and other - important questions:

  • What approaches work best for hiring and retaining Veteran and military employees? 
  • Might Veterans uniquely benefit from my services?
  • How do I build a military ministry in my faith-based organization?
  • What can I do as a medical or legal professional to support the unique needs of our nation's heroes?

Please also visit the "contact me" portion of my website for a video that explains my services.

I also want to serve you by sharing Dr. John C. Maxwell's leadership principles - and some of my own successes and failures - to help you expand your leadership capacity. The training can be done inside your organization or in the community

As the director of community outreach for the Ohio National Guard, I designed and lead a never-been-done-before statewide outreach program and laid the framework for the workforce diversity and inclusion initiative.

After 911, I advanced transformation of the nation’s largest Air National Guard KC-135 unit from a strategic reserve to an operational force and realigned the unit's community relations program to promote deployment readiness. I also led the local implementation of the Department of Defense’s new sexual assault prevention and response program.

As a civilian businesswoman, I established and developed a multi-county high-volume orthopedic surgery practice and led the transformation of a chamber of commerce from networking to business advocacy. Results of the statewide business-survivability survey done by the Ohio Small Business Council task force I chaired shaped the legislative platform of business statewide.

Growing up in a military family, a 30-year Air Force career as a public affairs officer and nurse, and masters degrees in political science and nursing frame my practice and perspective.

Let's meet and chat about how I can best serve you!