An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Jamie Chapman

As founder, Coaching Crossroads leadership development content strategist and an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, I do more than add value to people and teams.  With more than 27 years experience leading lean business operations and culture transformation from my human resource leadership roles in high tech companies, we are stranger to real transformation.  SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) and Neuro Linguistics Master Practitioner Certified, we are naturally obsessed with innovating new ways of serving the unique needs of every person and creating amazingly engaging content that's absurdly useful at bringing out human potential and will be highly effective at building a stronger team for your organization too.

We serve to train and mentor coaches, speakers, business leaders, counselors, education faculty, human resource professionals and our own clients around the world. We love being an assessment provider, thought partner, business strategist, mediator, coach, and sometimes even a therapist, equipped to bring out the best in people.


We continue to bring these powerful value-add growth and networking experiences to leaders across Idaho at Galaxy Event Center and to your own business:

  • Leadercast Treasure Valley, annually in May
  • Live2Lead Treasure Valley, October


Established in 1992, our Coaching Crossroads team also includes:

  • Shirley Smith, Coaching Supervision
  • Ian McGarry, Industrial Psychologist, Executive Coach, and Talking with Wolves Facilitator, Master Facilitation Skills Workshops
  • Ashlee Nicolosi, John Maxwell Certified Coach
  • Paula Bartlett, Domestic Violence Specialist and Life Coach
  • Pamela Murphy, Life Coach
  • Kelly Bingham, Life Coach


Need to improve individual, team or relationship health? We are uniquely equipped to deliver DISC, Emotional Intelligence Assessments, Impact Reports, Leadership Game facilitation, Communication Game facilitation, Sales Game facilitation, culture surveys, leadership 360 surveys and much more.

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