An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About Glenn Solomon

An award winning leader with 30+ years'experience in global healthcare, with industry background in pharmacuticals, healthcare commercialization, and healthcare analytics. I have specific expertise in leadership, mentoring, and training/coaching-all with a focus on ethics and purposeful intention. I have achieved excellent and consistent results influencing helthcare thought-leaders, advocating for patients' safety and well-being in an ongoing and challenging environment. As part of the developmental team involved in the creation of the ACA, I have always followed the principles of intention and significance. 

Coaching brings such joy to my soul. In this divisive environment it so important to coach others to not only expose leadership and self-knowledge but also to enable you to realize that all have purpose and an ability to translate those attributes to reaity.

As we on The John Maxwell Team say, "We are people of Value, who Value People, and add Value to them".

Please allow me to assist you in these endeavors and granular guidance in leadership and coaching methods.