An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

About Ewa Domagalska

I am Ewa and I am the founder of the JMT - This Is Happiness Coaching.

Currently, I am working with clients 1:1 all over the world helping them stop self-sabotage and create the confidence, relationships, wellbeing, career, and lifestyle they truly desire.

I studied at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at Dublin City University, Ireland. Graduated with BSc in Education and Training degree in 2016.

After a few years of group teaching and training, I realized that if I truly wanted to help people transform their lives on a deep level and lasting way I needed coaching skills.

Currently, I am an independent coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. A team of personal growth and leadership experts worldwide.

In the last few years, not only I developed my professional skills but I went from having unhealthy relationships to one of my dreams, poor health to wellness, unfulfilling jobs to creating a thriving business.

With my qualifications, skills, and experience, I am dedicated to helping people achieve personal growth, fulfillment, and happiness in their life.

What are others saying:

"Ewa is absolutely lovely and she really knows how to connect with you. She goes straight to whatever the issue is and gives you clarity. She's very good at organizing the mess in your head and putting it right. I've seen the transformation in just a few sessions. Highly recommended."

Contact me, I am looking forward to assisting you on the journey to your personal & professional life transformation.