An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with Maxwell Leadership Certified Team.

About James Newell

My mission: Making myself obsolete by engaging others to learn to learn, enabling those with a desire to transform their leadership style to adapt to the needs of the employees and Business!


My Vision: To lead and serve a group of Leadership developers that have a proved desired to transform their workplace and society


A proven Leader, Busines developer and DRIVEN by and through SUCCESS is, if not,  the key element behind who I am.  I have enjoyed over 20 years in successfull business development, sales consulting, and management of multi million dollar portfolios. adding into the mix, numerous years of training and coaching sales representives and their Sales Managers. 


A quote that sums up how i think about the world of Sales. This directs how I sell, train, and coach.


The key to Successful selling = 


„Learning to listen well enough,

 to hear and understand

The language your customer is speaking, 

Then being able to paint your product 

using the colors that the customer provided.“ James Newell