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Apart from being a John Maxwell Coach, I am also a Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC). In my present retirement role I coach, mentor and conduct leadership training for high potential talent and those in senior management, especially those transitioning to higher appointment. This is where my almost 14 years of experience as Deputy CEO of a large public higher education institute in Singapore (about 1,400 staff; 14,000 full-time students) and subsequently 3 years as Senior Advisor have come in very useful.

So also the breadth of experience I have had in several senior management positions such as Director Staff Capability Development Department*, Director Strategic & Quality Development Department*, Director School of Design, Director Interdisciplinary & General Studies Department*, Director School of Humanities & Social Sciences*, Director Centre for Ageing Studies*, and Director Centre for Character and Leadership Education* [* instrumental in setting up and/or being the Founding Director].

I have also overseen areas such as Human Resource, International Relations and Industry Services, Corporate Communications, Estates and Facilities Management, Student and Alumni Affairs, Continuing Education, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Educational Quality Assurance, Staff Learning, and Transcultural Studies.

Much as I am thankful for the varied experience, the Centre for Character & Leadership Education which I humbly had the privilege to envision and set up in 1996 holds special meaning to me for the potential it has for contributing towards values-driven education. It was my interest in leadership education that led to my knowing in 2011 about John Maxwell.

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